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How to blow fiber optic cable

Fiber optic cable are know for their high bandwidth and network carrying capacity. And to utilize optimum capacity of fiber, it is very important that fiber optic cable is installed with at-most care and precision, so that it is free from installation loss or damage.

One of most popular way to build fiber networks is by installing it underground. Fiber optic cable is laid underground into protective conduit known as duct or micro duct. Having cable underground protects it from aerial damage, cut and provided uninterrupted connectivity. Underground installation of fiber optic cable into conduit is best done with the help of fiber optic cable blowing machine.

Cable blowing machine consist of roller belt, both of which rotate in opposite direction. When motion is applied, fiber optic cable between these two belt is push into conduit attached in front of cable jetting machine also high pressure compressed air is supplied into duct. By supplying cooled compressed air, we reduce friction and drag created on cable, there by making long distance cable blowing (upto 4,000 Meter) in single shot possible.

Things to follow before you start cable blowing

Duct Integrity Test - It is very important to check continuity of duct, this is done by passing sponge. Once it is assured that there dis-continuity of duct, duct is tested for it pressure baring capacity and ascertain if there is any air leakage in coupling. This is done with help of DIT-Kit. After air leakage are cleared (if any) we pass mandrel, with diameter 70% of duct inner diameter (ID), this is to check for any punches or dent in duct. If duct have and punched or dent, there i high chance of cable getting blocked at that point. After successful completion of DIT Test, cable installation is started.

Following have to we taken care while blowing is done : sufficient lubricant is in use, cable passing through machine is clean and dust free, after air cooler is coupled with air compressor for supply of cold air

Cable Blowing Machine

Air compressor

Duct Integrity Test Kit

Lubricant & Other Blowing Accessories

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