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MAGTRAK - Pipe and Cable Locator

Magtrak is underground utility / able / pipe or fault locator. Used to locate underground armored cable or PVC pipe with sonde.

With help of Magtrak once can locate Fiber Optic Cable / Copper Cable, trace entire underground path along with depth. Helps is fault identification and rectification .

Magtrak has active trace frequencies which can be used individually or simultaneously and according to different site condition.  The receiver incorporates passive power and auxiliary frequencies that do not require the use of the transmitter.

Quick & Easy to Operate

Antenna Mode

Depth of upto 30 Feet

High Accuracy


  • Graphic display to distinguish between targeted cable and other cables in congested area.

  • Multi Four modes of operation

  • High accuracy

  • Plug & Play

8640 1000
Product Code


Adishwar cable locator.jpg

Traceable Rodder

magtrak sonde.jpg



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