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FiberJet - Mini

FiberJet Mini - Micro Fiber Cable Blowing Machine


Fiberjet - Mini is pneumatic driven micro fiber cable jetting machine. Fiberjet - Mini is multipurpose and can be used for installation of cable, micro cable or micro duct. It has installation range of cable form 4 - 16 mm in duct from 5 - 40 mm.

Machine is designed such that uniform tension is applied on cable with correct grip, without damaging cable.

Digital speed and distance indicator provide better control over installation.

Product Code
8122 1001

Cable Range

4 - 16 mm

Duce Range

5 - 40 mm

Pushing Force

0 - 300 N


100 M / Min


  • Single Person Operation

  • Automatic Cable Centralization

  • Digital Speed & Distance Indicator

  • Pneumatic Powered

  • Easy & quick belt replacement

  • Multipurpose

  • Low maintenance

  • Light Weight

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Duct Holder

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