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End Plug

End Plug

End plug are used seal duct after installation. Once duct is buried underground, duct end plug are inserted and tightened. This protect dust, water, other contaminant from entering into duct and blocking duct.

Installation of end plug is very simplex, just insert into duct and tighten as required. End plug's are available in various size to suite your multiple duct requirement. Variation in duct inner diameter can easy be adjusted as all end plug have diameter tolerance of +/- 2 mm



Adjustable to Duct Variation

Protect Duct

Ideal for Direct Bury


  • Push & Tight

  • Non-Metallic, make is highly noncorrosive

  • Diameter tolerance +/- 2 mm

  • Single person installation

  • No Installation Tool Required

  • Protect Duct From Blockages


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