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Duct Rodder Accessories

Cable Gripper.jpg

Cable Gripper

Belt Set replacement for Fiberjet model cable blowing machine.

Kindly contact us for custom requirement

Product Code : 8321 2000

Brush Mandrel.jpg

Brush Mandrel

Belt set is replacement belt for Fiberjet - Mini model cable blowing machine.

Kindly contact us for custom requirement.

Product Code : 8321 3000

Wire Mandrel.jpg

Wire Mandrel

Cable seal are used in air pressure chamber (blow head). This is to protect return air flow from machine while optical fiber cable blowing is done.

Size available : 4mm - 20mm

Kindly contact us for detailed requirement

Product Code : 8321 4000

Roller Guide.jpg

Roller Guide

Split Coupler are reusable metallic coupler attached with cable blowing machine while cable is been installed. These coupler are available in different combination & size.

Product Code : 8599 4000

catalogue images-42.jpg

Rodder Bullet

Cable bullet are inserted on cable head before blowing. This is to protect cable strength member, FRP rod, cable from getting stuck in duct coupler. This also help in smooth movement of cable into duct.

Cable bullet are available in various size as per customer requirement. Kindly contact us for derailed requirement.

Product Code : 8599 1000

Flexible Leader.jpg

Flexible Leader

Lubri-Duct by Adishwar is cable jetting & pulling lubricant. This reduces the friction on cable and also control temperature of cable, making it possible to long distance cable blowing.

Product Code : 8599 3000


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