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HDPE Duct Push-Fit Coupler

Duct coupler by Adishwar are made of high quality engineered polypropylene plastic and can withstand high air pressure.


It's design give the benefit of air tight installation without any hand tool. Installation is fast and easy, no duct heating or tools are required. Simply push both the ends of duct into the coupler for a locked and air sealed assembly.


The compact profile of coupler make its easy to use in limited access areas such as narrow trenches or location where duct spacing is very low. The non-metallic construction provides excellent corrosion resistance in buried application

Push & Fit Coupler

Withstand High Air Pressure

Ideal for Jetting & Pulling

Ideal for Direct Bury


  • Push-fit Coupler

  • Non metallic body

  • Can withstand high air pressure

  • No installation tool required

  • Single person installation, reduce installation cost

  • Lubricated Ring

  • Self-locking ring to hold duct 


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