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HDPE Duct Accessories

Duct Accesories

For complete conduit installation, Adishwar offers a complete line of Accessories. Couplers, for use with fiber blowing machine by jetting, end plug and other installations, easily join & seal lengths of Conduits.

push fit hdpe duct coupler.jpg

Push-fit coupler 40mm, 32mm, More

Manhole Bracket.jpg

Non metalic 100% rust free assembly

HDPE Duct accessories.jpg

32mm, 40mm, 50 mm, 63 mm & 110mm

duct coupler.jpg

HDPE Duct, DWC Pipe, Micro Duct, Etc

Cable Sealing Plug.jpg

Cable Sealing Plug32mm, 40mm & 50mm

ATN new.jpg

Underground Trench Warning Tape

Spacer 4 Way.jpg

Duct / DWC Pipe Spacer


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