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Duct De-Coiler

Duct De-Coiler


De-coiler are used to coil and de-coil optical fiber cable drum, duct or other network cable. De-coiler work in horizontal position, there by making it very easy to coil and decoil. With heavy duty bearing fitted in center, weight upto 850 kg can be turned 360 degree without much effort.

De-coiler can be completely dismantled, making it very compact for transportation.


  • Complete dissembly & re-assemble

  • Easy to carry

  • Effortless de-coiling

  • Fast and easy operation

  • Special purpose bearing for smooth rotation


Technical Data:

Waight bearing capacity : upto 800 kg

Max radius of coil / drum : 850 mm 


Max radius : 850 mm

Weight bearing capacity of upto  850 kg

Complete dissemble & re-assemble

Bearing fitted for smooth movement

Product Code
8200 2000


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