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Simplex Plug

Simplex Plug


Simplex plug are used to seal HDPE duct once cable is laid into duct. Cable sealing plug protect water or other foreign particle from entering into duct, there by cable safety is maintained

Also duct is protected from developing blockages, this make it easy for future install second cable in same duct

Depending upon size of cable (O.D) & duct (I.D), simplex plug are available in many combination.


Duct Tolerance of +/- 2 mm

Cable Tolerance of +/- 2 mm

Easy to Install



  • Retrofittable, reusable

  • Protect cable from damage within duct

  • Non metallic, make it corrosion free

  • No installation tool required

  • Quick & easy to install

  • Protect duct from generating blockages


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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