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Fiber Optic Cable Machines Manufacturers and Exporters, Adishwar Tele - Networks, Bangalore, India.

We are the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of high performance fiber optic cable blowing machine under the brand name "FIBER JET" and HDPE duct accessories. Our product range includes Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machinery Accessories, Test and Measurement Equipments, Fiber Outside Plant Products, Central Office & FTTH Solutions and other related products such as OFC Blowing Machine, Optical Fiber Splicing and Drilling Machines, Portable Air Compressor, Walk Behind Rollers, Upright Rammers, Splice Closure, Floor Mount Cabinet, Attenuators, Open Rack Systems, Fiber Optic Patch Panel, Fiber Splice tray, Wall Mount Termination Box, Power Meter, Fused Splitter, Pre Terminated Multi Fiber Assemblies and more.

We are providing services in the field of cable blowing works, installations and have rich experience in fiber optic cable blowing and splicing works .We have completed more than 50,000 km of fiber optic cable installation works.

Optical Fiber Cable Blowing Machine, Splicing Machines, Patch Cords, Fiber Optic Connectors and other related accessories is available in Bangalore, New Delhi from Adishwar Tele Networks.

Adishwar Tele Networks is known as one of the Largest Manufactures and Exporters of Fiber Optic Cable Machine types which ranges from Optical Fiber Cable Blowing Machine, Splicing Machines, Portable Air Compressor, Patch Cords, Fiber Optic Connectors, Power Meter, Manhole Bracket, House Termination Box all over India. Our specialization lies in manufacturing top quality Equipment’s and tools.
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OFC Blowing Machine Patch Cords Fiber Optic Connectors
HDPE Duct Fiber Splice Tray Pre Terminated Multi fiber Assemblies PLC Splitter

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Manhole Bracket | HDPE | FRP Manhole | Splice AccessoriesFloor Mount CabinetOpen Rack Systems | Fiber Optic Patch Panel  | High Density Side Access
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Manual Variable Attenuator | Wall Mount Termination Box | Plc Splitter-Plug n Play Type(PNP)1x2 (2x2)Fused Splitter PLC | 1x4 Fused Splitter FTB
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